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If you ever die in a library, it will happen in the archives. The weight of forgotten books is oppressive, and the silence surrounding them is unbearable. All of the books seem to be waiting to choke you with the dust coating their spines. The forgotten characters seem ready to jump out and force you into their world. Nobody wants to be forgotten. Nobody is comfortable among the forgotten.

Happy National Library Week.

welcome to night vale

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1) Food. As the first of the laws, food may not be conjured, created or generate in any way shape or form.

2) Money. Similar to food, Money may not be created out of thin air. Contradictory to muggle belief, magical laws governing money prevent it from being created, moved or altered by magic

3) Life. The most prime principle of magic; there is no spell to reawaken the dead.

4) Knowledge. You cannot know something you’ve never heard of. Therefore, as the fourth exception, knowledge can be neither conjured nor generated by magic. Proof of this fact lies in that Aurors are unable to conjure the location of criminals, nor students conjure up the necessary knowledge to pass tests and the sort.

5) Love. The fifth exception is love. “Love Potions” are misleading in that they claim to generate love, however they do in fact only generate a deep sense of lust or desire. There is no way to conjure or generate love – it must be created from within.

The 5 Exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Magic; Transfigurations 101, Lesson 1.

Do You Wanna Go to Hogwarts? Now You Can.

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I saw these notes by kids on Buzzfeed and couldn’t stop thinking they sound very much like little One Direction.

1.) Liam “Twitlonger Rant” Payne
2.) Zayn “I don’t like seeing it struggle” Malik
3 and 4.) Louis “That’s a fair comment but in the future I’d prefer you fuck
off” Tomlinson
5.) Niall “Where’s the food?” Horan
6.) Harry “Even When I’m Mean, I’m Nice” Styles
7.)…such a toss up. “YEAAHH, PENIS JOKES!”

I wish it was more socially acceptable to send #6 to people. 

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